Risk Management


Risk assessment is fundamental to good health and safety management. All employers regardless of the size of business are required by law to carry out a risk assessment at their place of work and to keep a written record of that risk assessment.

People are often put off by the idea of Risk Assessment because they think it is over complicated, difficult to complete and unnecessary. Risk Assessment is simply looking closely at what in your place of work or about your work activities could cause harm to your employees and visitors to your workplace (e.g. customers, suppliers, sales representatives etc) and determining the control measures you can implement to minimise the risk.

A good risk register informs corporate decision-making and allows an organisation to show that it is identifying and managing threats to objectives effectively. This course aims to provide the skills & knowledge for the participant to conduct assessments and to construct and use risk registers.

Who should apply?

The course is suitable for: persons wishing to obtain a general introduction to health and safety in the workplace particularly around the area of assessing risk. This includes directors of SMEs; production managers; safety representatives; safety committee members; any persons with responsibility for health and safety; any persons interested in health and safety.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Risk
  • Legislation and risk assessment
  • Inspection
  • Training and development
  • Contractor monitoring
  • Safety statement development
  • Five stages of risk assessment
  • Hazard identification
  • Control description
  • Organising company assessments
  • Judgement of risks
  • Control description
  • Assessment formats
  • Recording assessments
  • Risk Register Construction
  • Risk Register Tools
  • Course Summary

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