People / Patient Handling


This course is designed to instruct employees in the theory and practice of safe Patient handling. To comply with Part 4 Chapter 2 of the “General Application Regulation Regulations 2007, Manual Handling of Loads”, which states that staff engaged in manual handling must be given appropriate training. Safe Patient Handling techniques can reduce the risk of injury to both the employee and the Patient.

This course combines our manual handling course with our patient handling course. Both courses are essential and as they overlap in areas, participants can save time by completing both at once.

Benefits of Training

The course program aims to help reduce the risk of injury for both the patients and healthcare workers and expand the quality of patient care. To make sure the patient handling program is successful using lifting equipment is important. It has also shown to decrease any injuries by manual lifting by up to ninety five percent.

The other additional benefits in reducing workers injuries and lost work time include:

  • A more substantial work setting and professionalism.
  • It will improve recruitment of nurses and retention.
  • Decline in a patient falling and compression ulcers.
  • Patients will be more comfortable and satisfied.
  • Decline in costs with injuries. 

Who should apply?

This people / patient handling training course is for anyone wishing to work in healthcare or social care.

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Legislation
  • Manual Handling
  • Injury Prevention
  • Physical Fitness
  • Body & Spine Anatomy
  • Safe Lifting Techniques
  • Hoists, Lifting Aids, Slide Sheets
  • Risk Assessments (TILE)
  • Practical Demonstrations
  • Written Exam
  • Course Summary

Onsite Training

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